Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help With the Fair?


1. If I am a current student, how do I sign up for this Fair?

You are not required to register! For the in-person fair, please bring your A&M ID, and for the Virtual Career Fair, log in to HireAggies to view the event!

2. Can I attend the fair if I attend a sister institution (i.e. TAMUCC, TAMU Galveston, etc.)?

Yes! You can attend the In-Person Career Fair with proof of enrollment (i.e. student ID card).

3. Can I attend the fair if I am an alumnus?

Yes! You can attend the In-Person Career Fair with proof of Texas A&M enrollment (i.e. a student ID card).


1. What can I do now to prepare for this new Fair?

We recommend you click HERE to view the Preparation Materials on our site.

2. What do I wear to the career fair?

Business casual attire is REQUIRED, however, we recommend business professional for both the In-Person and Virtual Career fairs. An outline of our dress code can be found HERE.

In-Person Fair

1. I can't seem to find certain companies, where are they?

For the Spring 2023 Career Fair, we are using both the Hall of Champions as well as the new Zone Club! To view which companies are in which venues, filter by "venue" on our Company Search HERE. Also, keep in mind that certain companies only attend one day of the fair.

Virtual Fair

1. What online platform will the Career Fair take place on?

The virtual days of the Spring 2023 SEC Engineering Career Fair will be utilizing the HireAggies (Symplicity) Virtual Career Fair Platform.

2. Is there a designated space on campus where I can conduct virtual interviews?

The Career Center (209 Koldus) can offer you a quiet and professional environment to participate in your virtual interviews. You may bring your own device, or the interview rooms are equipped with a desktop if preferred. Please submit your request HERE and the Career Center will follow up with you to confirm availability.