About the Fair


The SEC Engineering Career Fair is the premier recruiting event for the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. The Career Fair is planned, organized, and staffed by the Student Engineers' Council, and is the largest student-run career fair in the nation. Historically, as many as 10,000 engineering students attend the fall career fair seeking internships, co-ops, and full-time positions from the 450+ companies that attend.

Dates, Times, and Details

Wednesday, September 7thIn-Person @ Kyle Field, Texas A&M University
Thursday, September 8thIn-Person @ Kyle Field, Texas A&M University
Friday, September 9thVirtual on Career Fair Plus Platform

The SEC Career Fair team has decided to continue a Hybrid Career Fair in the spring. All days of the fair will take place from 9 AM to 4 PM CST.

In-Person Career Fair (September 7th & September 8th)

The Career Fair will be held in the Hall of Champions (Floor 1) and All American Club (Floor 4) of Kyle Field. Business Casual is REQUIRED to attend, and Business Professional is RECOMMENDED. Students are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to wear masks throughout the duration of the fair.

Virtual Career Fair (September 9th)

The Career Fair Plus platform will be utilized for the Spring 2022 SEC Engineering Career Fair. For the Virtual Career Fair, it is REQUIRED to schedule meetings ahead of time with recruiters..

Virtual time slot registration opening date is still being determined. When it opens, you will be restricted to 5 time slots until Wednesday, September 7th at 9 AM CST, when you will be able to sign up for unlimited time slots.