Student Shuttles

Free shuttles for students will run between Wisenbaker and Reed Arena every 20 minutes on the days of the Career Fair. The shuttle will pick up and drop off at the 'Wisenbaker - East' stop between WEB and Lot 47. The shuttles will be available 8:30 am - 4:30 pm both days of the fair. All normal TAMU bus routes will also be available.

Because of severe crowding in Lot 100 and around Reed Arena, we encourage all students attending the Career Fair to:

1). Park in the lot you regularly park in on campus and either ride one of the normal Transit bus routes or the Career Fair shuttle to Reed Arena, or use an OFO bike.


2). Use your campus parking permit to park in Fan Field (across from ALLN) and ride the 05 Bush School route to and from Reed Arena if you are not able to park in your regular lot.

*If you plan to park around Reed Arena, expect limited parking availability, increased traffic congestion and delays.